Adult Principle #1: Be patient. No matter what.

Today was a good but VERY clumsy day. I’ve accidentally thrown my lighter across the room, knocked over a can of Coke onto my English book and I’ve tripped over myself several times. On the good note though, my awesome boyfriend got me a new pair of shoes, my English test deadline has been extended for 24 hours, and I feel pretty confident about how I did on the History test.

Upon waking up this morning I felt very nervous and anxious. My mom kept reminding me that it would be alright, and no matter what, tomorrow will be better. My boyfriend kept telling me the same thing and because Mr. Barlow tells me the same thing, maybe I should follow their advice.

There are two ways I choose to handle things, either I’m patient or I’m explosive and in your face. Usually, I find I stumble upon the best results to situations when I am patient and wait for the solution to come. When I am explosive, I become very stressed out, worried and things tend to go worse. I think there is definitely something to this principle. By being patient we tend to be more laid back and accepting of the things that come. We may get frustrated while waiting so damn long for whatever it is to come, but it will eventually come anyway. So why worry yourself to death about it?


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