Adult Principle #7 Tolerate ambiguity.

This one stumped me for a little bit, so I went to and looked up Ambiguity to get a better definition and I found one that I like: the possibility of interpreting an expression in two or more distinct ways. So basically respect the fact that others have a different way of thinking about things than you do. It turns out I’ve been thinking about this one a lot recently and it is kind of nice that it is an Adult Principle.

If you ask 100 people to tell you what a set of lyrics mean, there will probably be at least one or two you never even thought of. I find it more interesting to listen to songs that have multiple different possible meanings, where a certain phrase connects to the listener and potentially changes their way of thinking. I don’t have any specific examples, but it almost seems like the music created today has already been done before. I’ve been alive long enough now to see that the Backstreet Boys and ‘N Sync will always have someone following quickly on their heels. They make a few good albums and then they disappear giving way to the Justin Biebers and the Jonas Brothers of the next generation.

I’ve been known to diss new music that comes out from people like Lady Gaga and above mentioned Bieber and many others even though I can relate to their lyrics, the music part is just…not up to par. It almost sounds like the same notes, same rhythms and the same story over and over when I listen to modern music. All the songs just kind of blur together but I guess every generation hates the next’s music.

So I sit here and tolerate the next generations music while I look to my parent’s generation of politicians and shake my head. It is no wonder that I find it hard to believe anything coming out of people’s mouths anymore, especially if they are on TV. For a good example, I point to Representative Weiner who was adamantly professing that someone hacked his twitter account and some how found a picture of his penis (on his twitter account?!) and sent it to some female. First of all, I hate being so obviously lied to because I have a twitter account and I have not yet found the place where you can upload and store photos on their website. Oh wait, there isn’t a place to do that on twitter is there? It would have been smarter to say someone hacked your computer buddy 😉

So, how to see another point of view? The guy is just tired of his wife and wants some new spring chick to tell him he looks hot. Okay, I kind of understand that one, everyone wants to feel attractive right? So you send said chick that seems interested in you a few pictures and ask her opinion on that. Fantastic, a friendship is born! I just don’t see where logging onto twitter (a PUBLIC networking site), sending a woman a picture of your penis (and seriously, us females have seen our fare share of penises, they all kinda look the same) and expecting it to stay quiet is smart.

So, what have I learned from tolerating ambiguity? Don’t post it on the internet if you aren’t willing for the whole world to see it, or at least learn how to send a private message. And kids, keep it in your pants until you can use it responsibly.


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