Totally Stoked

This will be my third Linkin Park concert and I’m looking forward to it just like I did the first one. I feel like a squealing teenage fan girl who doesn’t know how to stop being excited… I know, self control but sometimes you just gotta ignore the whole “must control myself”. One of those times is on here, so HA read at your own risk?

So on Monday I had a really good day after having an interesting week with my extended family. I bought myself and my family (including Kevin) concert tickets. It is times like these that I’m glad I live in Nothingtown that is so close to Houston. I’ve got tickets to see Linkin Park on August 28th 1012 (before the whole “end of the earth thing” too!).

Lately every time something bad happens or I start thinking badly, or I even think about how much these tickets cost (which btw, it is a fucking ridiculous amount) , I think about how happy I’ll be when I’m 5 rows back from the Pit section. With my my mom, dad, and Kevin with me. To see Linkin Park AND Incubus. How lucky is that?! I’m so excited to see both of these bands. Incubus has always been “one of those” bands, where you love their singles and all their songs but you can never quite put a name to the song. Well I’m going to be able to put faces, bodies and sounds all together at the Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion.

This is going to be a first for me, that is a concert with my whole family. I hope my mom enjoys the music as much as I do (and I hope she can understand it). I already know I’ll have a great time, I know Kevin will have a great time, and hopefully my dad can break down a bit and be…less serious. I know he has it in him to let his hair loose…


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