Adult Principle #4 Expand your sense of the possible.

If this isn’t an appropriate topic to revive my blog with, I don’t know what is. An update is in order I think. I’ve graduated HCC with an Associates in Science and I’m now going to the University of Houston with am Environmental Science major and three minors: Mathematics, Geology, and Energy and Sustainability. 5 Years ago I never would have thought I’d be here, but here I am and I’m owning every thing I do, and trying 100% on everything.

Lately though, things have been really tough with trying to balance school, sleep, studying, and socializing. I’m doing pretty well in school, but I think I could be doing better. Sometimes its hard to focus on what I’m supposed to be focusing on, and its not for a lack of  trying. Thankfully, my online professor understands that I’ve got a lot on my plate this semester and has been generously accepting some of my late work (my work is awesome though, so I think that makes up for it). I got a B- in one class, and an A- in Environmental Hydrogeology, but I’m waiting on my Future of Energy and Environment grade, my Mesoscale Meteorology grade, and my Atmospheric Chemistry grade.

Yeah, from the sound of those course names you have to know this semester was…difficult and eye opening. There were so many times throughout the semester where I felt like dropping a class, or leaving the club I’m an officer in due to dysfunction. (I know, I can’t believe I’m in a club, let alone an officer in one either) But here again, I didn’t think I could deal with the stress and anxiety, but Its the end of the semester and I’m still here, and some of the issues I have with the club been addressed…somewhat. So for now, I’m taking my vacation. My well deserved vacation.

This semester has shown me that even though these are tough classes, I really do want to do this for a living. I want to study the environment and the atmosphere and try and think about solutions to potential future problems. In fact, doing something else seems dull and boring. I don’t really do dull, or boring, even though some might see me as boring. I don’t care because I am who I am and that isn’t going to change.

In fact, I could post my entire body of work for my Future of Energy and Environment in this one post, but that would be too much reading all at once. I’ll be nice and post them periodically to here as I see fit. I’m really impressed with some of the work I’ve put out this semester, so are my professors. So I figure, why not show it off? Why not share my opinion and my thoughts? Freedom of speech is there for a reason, and people like Donald Trump are abusing it. (Yes, I know, totally random political comment, whatever).

I think I’ll end this with picture that I included in one of my assignments for Future of Energy and Environment on Earth Systems, Oceans, and The Climate Change Conversation – Systems Thinking. (I’ll post the whole thing soon)cow

Oh, and this, because I think its extremely important:


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