Energy + Nanotechnology = Future

What is Nanotechnology?

For energy, nanotechnology means the future of harvesting and transmitting energy from renewable sources. Nanotechnology in energy will solve the future problems of water, food, health, environment, poverty, war and terrorism, and the oncoming population boom.

Nanotechnology has the capability to allow humanity to store energy and distribute it more efficiently which leads to a cleaner environment with less pollution. In particular, solar energy will be greatly enhanced with the development of nanotech materials.

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Myths and Misconceptions of Climate Change, Assumptions and Concepts, Energy Dynamics, and Energy Transitions


I want to see evidence of applying critical thinking and clear communication of specific course content we’ve learned from the semester—blended with your individual insights.

Describe six personal assumptions (beliefs about how the world works, but cannot prove it) that have changed (or not) as a result of this course? (e.g. Related to the role of certain energy resources, impact of human activity on environmental change, business side of energy, the politics of energy, speed of change vs market share change, et al. Hint: Reference specific content and how it changed or confirmed your assumptions) 

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Natural Gas: Different Hats


This week we must put on different hats.  Our aim is to avoiding writing answers as if we are staking a position on shale!  Our goal is to demonstrate an ability to describe different perspectives on a controversial new capability in global energy markets.  Your work will be judged on your ability to frame the potential risks and rewards of unconventional natural gas production. 

Describe the Dynamics behind the “shale gas boom”

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