The Issue of Framing


Chapter 1 discusses how to best build and utilize a team structure for the purpose of strategic foresight. It is essential to have all members on the team, as well as the analyst, with differing points of view who are not so attached to their personal biases or assumptions that they can come together to take a look at potential discontinuities and achieve the organization’s goal for the future. The more eclectic the group, the less likely the group will fall back on “groupthink”, leading to a broader range of potential ideas to achieve the goal. The chapter offers various tactics to avoid the common pitfalls of working in a team setting, including making connections between the stated objective and how to get there.

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Sustainable Power Procurement Corporation

­Entrepreneurship and Energy 

 Part 1: Approach to Research

Our goal was to find companies or organizations that focused on renewable energy, discover social organizations that promoted change, and seek out ambitious energy projects. Due to the fact that human beings are largely dependent on energy for almost every modern activity of life, we wanted to find companies that had the liberty to develop new and innovative energy projects with limited obstacles. We wanted to gather a wide variety of companies to see the if there was a growing trend of interest that is encouraging all businesses in the United States and other parts of the world to come up with innovative energy projects. We found that people have put more emphasis on building energy companies that will distribute and invent new energy plans, ensuring that no single energy company can control the direction of the market. We decided to focus on the many energy projects and innovative solutions that came about due to this changing trend; projects that are cheaper for consumers and help conserve the environment.

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