Creating a Vision: What Could Happen?

Before you begin:

These are assignments that I have turned in for my TECH 4310 Future of Energy and Environment class, these are my own thoughts and you may not take them without citing them. I will not post them all, but a majority of them.

The book that this reflection is on is titled Thinking About the Future; Guidelines for Strategic Foresight edited by Andy Hines and Peter Bishop.


After constructing many alternative futures, such as the one I constructed last week (in which I successfully turned in an assignment late and got full credit due to its…boldness), it is critical to ask the question, “So what?” This question ties the future to the present, in a way that the organization can clearly understand how this whole strategic foresight activity is going to pay off for them. I found this chapter to not only be helpful for professional strategic foresight, but as I kept reading, I saw an interesting way that this could help with personal relationships as well.

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