About that…

I have 26 years of experience at this thing called life and I hope to keep adding to that. I don’t have a job yet, except attending University of Houston to get my Environmental Science degree.

I’m a lover of music, my parents made sure of that. I’ve been listening to classic rock since before I was born, even attended The Who concert a week before I popped out into this world. My favorite band, by far, is Linkin Park. I’ve been to many concerts, and I love going to shows 🙂

One of my biggest passions is reading but I never seem to have enough time to read what I want. I love the Wheel of Time series and the Song of Ice and Fire series. Plus any reading require for school. I’m always looking for new series to read, so if you have any suggestions please feel free to leave them.

Also, everything I post is mine, do not use without citing.



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