This has always been a sort of side hobby for me, I find peace in code for some reason. I don’t know why, it just relaxes me. So I do what I enjoy, which is make websites (I made some aesthetic changes to the theme I chose, I won’t pay money for a place to post my thoughts)

One friend asked if I did this for a living, and I said no, its more of a side business/hobby for me. So if you’re impressed and own your own domain (I will not host your website) and want something made by me, shoot me an email with the subject “Website: _____” (put your name/company in the blank). All I need is a description of what you want and I’ll let you know if I have the ability to deliver what you want. Prices vary based on the website.

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Analyzing the Causes of and Mapping Type 2 Diabetes Prevalence Data to Predict Where an Increase of Diabetes in Texas Will Occur

This was the first website I had made in a while. It was for a group project for my GIS class. Our main goal was to try and figure out what trends can we look at to see what influences Type 2 Diabetes.


AEG Career Fair Website

This one is a work in progress, but it works most of the time, however not all pages are fully functional. It is for AEG-UH, where I am webmaster and executive secretary.






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